Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How to make your own nailpolish

Here's how you can make your own nailpolish using pigments from Glitter Unique! Thanks Nikki for the instruction and help!!!

" I usually add a small amount of pigment(color changer) to a bottle filled with base and 2 stainless steel mixing balls, then add a tiny bit of black base. It’s better to add a little bit of base at a time because if you add too much black you won’t be able to see the pigment well.  I am sorry I can’t give better instructions but I never measure so it’s hard to say."

Friday, August 15, 2014

HERBAL TEA is my skin secret weapon

Ok so there are quite a few different herbal teas out there, and regular tea leaf teas. Green tea is supposed to be great for acne & acne scarring, but for religious reasons, I don't drink green tea. Herbal tea had been really my main focus. Oh and first of all I am not a doctor, so please consult with your doctor before taking herbal teas, to see if they are right for you! I know some people who use blood thinners need to stay away from certain teas, so always know what you are using!

There is a huge variety of herbal teas and how you can use them, you can actually buy premade "healthy skin/ complexion teas", you can buy tea bags for detox or just plain herbal teas alone (and make your own custom mixes. Last you can actually buy or grow the herbs, and make your own tea, but for starters lets keep it simple!

First lets look at some common herbal teas used for skin health & detox:

Red clover-
Burdock root-
yellow dock
Milk thistle
calendula/ marigold

Ok so there are different reasons why each of these are great for skin and healing acne, whether it is their detoxing properties, anti- inflammatory, antioxidents, ect. I wont go to much into each tea, you can check out your local health food store, and ask around, see what they have and what works for you. I would recommend starting with some kind of basic detox tea (for liver & kidneys, or even skin specifically) Yogi makes a inexpensive one, that has a great mixture of most the ingredients above, I would start with something that is all over detoxing and has a mix of a little bit of everything, and from there you can add on whatever your skin needs (but for acne, I would recommend the Roobious or redclover, they are some of the most common acne fighter teas)

SO here is what I do, try it out, and see if it works for you!

Basically first thing in the morning, usually 7am- 7:30am I wake up, first thing get 1 cup of water boiling, then add my tea bags (most teas you can drink about 8-10 cups a day, So I would make sure TOTAL you are not drinking more than that) I usually put about 4 tea bags in my boiling water (Usually 1 detox tea, 1 red clover, 1 roobious, and 1 hibiscus. ) I place a spoon over the bags so they sink to the bottom of the cup, pour in a little lemon juice, and some ACV, and if using hibiscous, I place a lid/plate over the cup, because I read somewhere you don't want to herb to evaporate, I don't know, I just do it. I let them sit for 20 min, or until the tea is room temperature (if you enjoy the flavor of the tea you can drink it hot, but me, I still don't LOVE the taste, so I like to let it cool, then down it. I also save the tea bags and once they are cooled, I like to do a morning tea mask, basically you rub the tea bags all over your face, then wash it off in 20 min or so.

AT night I usually do 1 detox tea (or one healthy skin tea), 1 roobious, one red clover & 1 chamomile (which is supposed to relax/ help sleep) Again I add some lemon juice, and once done save the tea bags and so a quick facial.

So that is basically it, try it out, start with a detox tea, and slowly add on other herbs if you want! Let me know what you guys try and how you like it!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

quick lesson in layering eyeshadows!

How to layer eyeshadows....

Kohl + Iridescent blue = metallic frosty deep blue.....How to layer eyeshadows for a iridescent/ frosted metallic look..... Start with a dark base (using my Kohl black color.) Layer a light highlight/ iridescent/ frosty color (using my iridescent blue color) creates a icy metallic blue!......

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lipbalm series: Kool-aid & fruit drinks

Ok. So I love kool-aid. Love to drink it, and I remember when I was a kid, buying some koolaid lipbalm from a friend. I figured starting with one of the cheapest, and easiest DIY lipbalms would be a good start.

Kool-aid packets (or any flavored drink mix)
Petroleum Jelly

Ok, so it is pretty simple. I don't measure, you pretty much can guess with this recipe.

1. All you need to do is get about a spoonful of Vaseline (you can measure it out it you know how much your lipbalm jars hold, I did about 1 tablespoon, then melt it down, stove top, or in the microwave, melt slowly until the Vaseline is liquid.

2. After the Vaseline is a liquid, simply pour a packet of kool-aid into the cup, until the vaseline is colored, and all the grains of koolaid have dissolved. Mix well.

3. Pour the warm liquid into your clean lipbalm jars, and let sit for 1 hour, or until set.

Ok. so thats it! Very simple! I did notice a few colors worked a little bit better than other, and ALSO some mixes never fully dissolved (I will list my notes along with some pictures of the colors below, alot of the flavors ended up looking the exact same. But some were unique and fun.) These lipbalms make great summer gifts, especially for tweens, and kids, as the flavors are fun, the colors in the jars can be pretty crazy (but don't leave any color on your lips at all.)

This project would be great for kids, babysitting, sleepover, ect. I had fun, and would use this lipgloss for days where I basically just want a clear base, with some yummy flavor!

STAY AWAY from sugar free or "invisible" flavors, as the sugar free splenda, DOESNT dissolve, and the clear colors, will obviously be clear (unless you want a clear color, with flavor I guess)

ALSO, consider trying out single serving koolaid mixes, they already have sugar added, so a bit sweeter, and fun for small projects! There is even the liquid flavor drinks, that I played around with (which was super hard to mix, but turned out leaving a stained berry look, LOVE!

OK, here are the colors up close, and my thoughts on each color!

OK! So by far these were my favorite looks! Really pretty pastel colors! Perfect for summer.... We have..
*Orange- Created a pretty pastel pink (with hints of peach) blended perfect, and smells and taste yummy!
*Peach Mango-Gorgeous peach color, again gorgeous, and yummy would definitely use again!
Lemonaid- not a huge lemonaid fan, but this looks cute with the others, and is a refreshing flavor
Blue-raspberry lemonaid- really yummy flavor, and barely there blue tint
Pink lemonaid- very light purple color, blended well

Strawberry Kiwi- pretty pale purple, blended well
*Watermelon- looks just like strawberry kiwi, but blended even better!
Sharkleberry Fin- Didn't blend well, grainy, looks like the first too.
Cherry Limeade- Blended well, medium purple color
Cherry- EH. ugly color and didn't blend well...

Mixed Berry- Eh. not loving the color, and it didn't blend well, ended up grainy
Grape- Again the color is kindof a ugly blue purple, and it didn't blend well.
Tropical punch- eh. bit grainy and a bit ugly. Not impressed.
*Strawberry- Blended perfect, ended up a deep dark purple, pretty, but not really a kid color.
Black cherry- Dark pretty purple, blended pretty good, but I prefer strawberry

COMING SOON>....... DIY lipbalm/ lipstain....

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Homemade lipbalm series

Ok guys, So I have been getting more and more into making my own beauty products, I am so inlove, kindof my current hobby/ obsession. So I am starting off a series of related posts on homemade lipbalm, lipgloss, and lipstick. The posts will be starting soon, and you can click the links below to go to each post topic! Enjoy and let me know if there is anything you want to learn more about!

Lip balm series:

Ingredients: (coming soon)
       Oils (liquid)
       Oils (hard)
       Oils (butters & brittle)
       Was (beeswax & candellia)
       Others (Vaseline, crisco, ect)
       Color additives
             * Food coloring
             * Kool-aid (drink mixes)
             * Pigments & Micas
             * Makup-up (lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, ect)
             * Lipbalm tint colors
             * Natural colors 

Recipes & Ratios: (coming soon)
       Lipbalm: (coming soon)
       Lipgloss: (coming soon)
       Lipstick & chapstick: (coming soon)

Tutorial roundup: (coming soon)
      Blogs & websites

Tips & Tricks: (coming soon)

Lipbalm making kits: (coming soon)

Supplies & shopping:  (coming soon)